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Valerie Joyce will be recording and performing live with bass player Derek Jones at the Blue Coast Music Room.
June 3, Saturday 2017

VALERIE JOYCE: New York Blue (Chesky JD316)
reviewed on pages 116-117 of Stereophile (special collector’s issue 2016) 10 Years “Records To Die For” 500 Audiophile Approved Albums: Great Music-Great Sound. ” For those seeking a sonic standard for female jazz vocals, look no further than New York Blue”.

Thank you Stereophile for the mention!

Valerie Joyce and Michael Wolff For Heavens SakeIntroductory Pricing Through August 29, 2016.

Valerie Joyce recorded For Heaven’s Sake with renowned pianist Michael Wolff. Michael also produced, arranged the music, and performed on Valerie’s Invitation.

The duo’s chemistry is unmistakable on For Heaven’s Sake. Michael thoughtfully sculpts new intention behind Valerie’s sultry and soft melodies. The peaceful atmosphere is full of nuances that only come from a live performance by musicians with real chemistry. From Brahms to Duran Duran Valerie and Michael explore songs outside of the typical jazz idiom, but bring it home with classics like “In A Sentimental Mood” and “You Taught My Heart To Sing.”

Cookie Marenco mixed For Heaven’s Sake to Quad Rate DSD through an analog stage.

Get it in 8 different high resoultion formats at:

Valerie Joyce and Marco de CarvalhoValerie Joyce will be performing and recording with guitarist Marco de Carvalho at the Newport Audio Show on Thursday, June 2, 2016. Valerie is performing as part of the Blue Coast All-Stars during “Press Day.”

Valerie and Marco will be perfomring in Room 411 from 5:00 – 5:30pm.

Valerie Joyce InvitationA Seattle-based musician, born in Japan but with deep roots in the art of American jazz, Valerie Joyce is an exceptionally talented vocalist commanding a very distinctive style. Airy yet full, rich and expressive, Valerie’s voice is immediately arresting and wonderfully idiosyncratic. Her catalog stretches back to the debut “Reverie” in 2002, and most fans know of her fine recordings over the years with influential audiophile label Chesky Records. Under Blue Coast Records, Valerie and Cookie have recorded two acclaimed Special Event albums, and now comes Valerie’s latest addition: Invitation.

Aptly named, this record is just that—-an invitation to explore Valerie’s unique voice and emotion through a collection of evocative jazz compositions. She guides us easily through busy latin-infused grooves, delicate and somber ballads, and refreshing standards. One of Valerie’s most impressive performances with Blue Coast to date has been her take on Ellington’s classic “Day Dream”, recorded in 2012 for Special Event 25. This new release features a fresh piano arrangement of the standard, as well as many other expositions of Valerie’s unique timbre.

Pulled from Valerie’s archives and newly digitized to DSD256 from 1/2″ analog tape masters, the previously-unreleased Invitation was produced and arranged by Michael Wolff, well-known as the former musical director of The Arsenio Hall Show.

Buy now from Blue Coast Records | View the Track Listing
Introductory pricing through February 15th, 2016

Valerie Joyce by Derek WongValerie Joyce came by our Blue Coast Studios to perform a followup to last year’s Special Event. Accompanied on guitar by the talented Marco de Carvalho, Valerie and Marco perform 10 songs including a holiday favorite, ” Christmas Time is Here,” a Vince Guaraldi classic. Three of the songs were recorded live at the California Audio Show in the Sony room in front of a very live and welcoming audience. To keep that spirit, the Sony crew came to the live recordings. The audience is the member of the band you don’t see but who make a difference!

Every nuance and emotion is exposed in live recording. Valerie and Marco do an incredible job bringing their brand of jazz to us and your home. There’s also a free download of a second holiday song.

Click here to download/buy the new recording.

CAS-2014Valerie Joyce & Marco de Carvalho will be performing and recording live at CAS California Audio Show on August 16th Saturday & August 17th Sunday. (Session at the Blue Coast Records Room with engineer Cookie Marenco & Sony (Cypress Room Second Floor)

Set times & information coming soon.

Please visit this website to find out more about the California Audio Show and Sony and high- resolution audio

California Audio Show

More information about the Sony Audio system

Valerie Joyce by Daniel SheehanValerie Joyce & Marco de Carvalho (Voice and guitar recordings) new MQD (Master Quality Disc) 24K gold discs now available from Blue Coast Records!

Click here to listen and buy!

Valerie Joyce by Derek WongBlue Coast Records was thrilled to have Valerie Joyce back in the studio with Marco De Carvalho, the fabulous Brazilian guitarist. The music was recorded direct to the Sonoma DSD recording system with live performances in the studio and at the California Audio Show in front of a lively crowd of audiophiles. Music lovers can’t get enough of Valerie’s silky voice. These recordings won’t disappoint. Click here to listen to the music samples.

DSD and HiRes formats are $20 until April 1, 2014.

CAS-2013Looking forward to the live performance/recording session on Sunday 8/11th at 11 AM (Main Floor Aspen Room) at the California Audio Show in San Francisco this weekend. Had a wonderful rehearsal today with guitarist Marco de Carvalho & I’m so excited to be working with him again this year. We’re also preparing for a full day recording session with Cookie Marenco on Monday, August 12th in San Francisco. More new DSD recordings coming soon! If you’re in the San Francisco area, please visit the California Audio Show this weekend and come and say hello!

CAS attendees are treated to a feature unique to the show every year: live recording of performances by Blue Coast Records!

This year, BCR will be in the Main Floor Aspen Room, together with Sony. The professional recording gear that Cookie Marenco and her team will be moving from their Belmont Studio to the show:

B&K 4012, stereo, powered
Neumann U-67 and Neumann U-87
AKG Vintage 414 (stereo)

Millennia Media 8 channel pre-amp

Recording Device:
Sonoma DSD Recording system, 8 channels
Korg 2 channel mr-2000s for double DSD recording in stereo

BCR proprietary silver-copper alloy cables that the label hand build for recording

8/9 – 8/11. Westin Hotel, 1 Old Bayshore Highway, Millbrae.
$5 all-day parking for registered attendees. 600 parking spaces.

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